Sunday Reflections- Easter 5

         This morning marked the last Sunday of our “stations of the Resurrection” series, as we wrapped up with the John 24 story of “The Miraculous Catch of Fish”.
        My fish-shaped cookies went down well at snack time, after which we held a joint story time using the big felt board to illustrate as Sarah read the passage.
       Then, it being a glorious hot and sunny morning, the toddlers went outside to play with beach toys and my group headed down to the kitchen where we made some very successful fish prints using a fresh porgy, which I had brought to church in a frozen foods carrier!
         It was my first morning this Spring biking to church so I had filled up my basket with everything from fish and paint to cookies and banana chips, I guess I will never be the sort of person who goes to church with a nice small purse! Since it was Communion Sunday, after cleaning up in the kitchen, we rejoined the congregation to participate in the Eucharist. Then it was lunch, with an opportunity to coerce several people into helping out at next Sunday’s All Ages  “Ascension Celebration”.
       Following the ride home I did a bit of gardening, Wil and I had a good walk and I’m  now busy setting up for the Senior Youth Camp Bible Study, which begins with a supper, here at 6pm.
        This has been a pretty jam-packed weekend but fruitful in many ways and the overarching warmth and sunshine has felt like a benediction for a city held so long in the grip of Winter.  
         I know that the week ahead will be fraught with all the concerns about the need to find Day Camp Team Members, but, thisafternoon, I am resolutely on “pause”, soaking up the peace of this sunny day and the beauty of the earth as it comes back to life.

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