Crafts Day Coda

   Just home from an intensive crafting session! We made some super samples. Unfortunately, with only 5 people present we were not able to film the Liturgical Dance and will need to reschedule that.

  Here are some photos of both helpers and the samples… enjoy!
Giant Puppet People
Ribbon Wreath- Scrambler Devotions
Memory Verse Puzzles-Creative Connection
Door with Knocker-Scrambler Afternoon Program
Painted Rock-Scrambler Afternoon Program
Finger Puppets Scrambler Afternoon Program
Hands Garland-Scrambler Devorions
Seed Collage- Scrambler Afternoon Program
Making Tambourines
The Lost Sheep- Scrambler Afternoon Program
Making Bookmarks for the Psalm Tree
Celebration Banner-Creative Connection
Psalm Tree Bookmarks-Creative Connection
Self Portrait-Scrambler Devotions
Tambourine-Scrambler Devotions
Another Tambourine
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