Easter 6 & The Coffeehouse!

 Quite a combo, but, yes, those two subjects have been pretty important in my workweek.
    This evening our Day Camps Spring Coffeehouse will take place over at Isaiah 40 so I thought I would get a head start on the blog post for tomorrow and then be able to add some photos from tonight’s proceedings before this gets published Tomorrow I need to mow the lawns for the first
time, make a big batch of caramel popcorn for Sunday’s – All Ages “Ascension Celebration!” and start baking bread for the Team Retreat Week, so this is a small space of tranquillity in which to begin w. writing.
    I have had an unusual week because, on Monday I was stricken with food poisoning, and, well, as you can imagine, it has not been the most pleasant experience, just don’t mention the word “fish” to me for a long time!!! But, living alone with my furries, I’ve had to keep pushing along. One of my friends has also just left for two weeks in the UK so I’m also responsible for looking after her house and two cats, no peace for the wicked!  Between lying around groaning I have worked on sending out a notice about a Toronto Region Kick-off Event for Day Camps, which Brenda has agreed to lead. There have also been more host church applications arriving and those require that acceptance packages of documents be assembled and emailed out.
   Then there is the undercurrent to every day – BADGERING the code word for “hunting for Team Members”. Sadly nothing much to report on this front; a slight nibble, again, from the UK, text messages pleading former Team Members to return, emails into the void…the usual. And, along with lying around groaning, plenty of time to pray for the urgent need to break through whatever barrier is stopping those applications from appearing. Sigh.
    With more lovely hot “summery” weather I also spent one afternoon on a very wobbly ladder, painting the top panel of the garage door, after first pulling away a huge tangle of dead vines, which had succumbed due to all the brick work done last year. Then another day I stained the side porch floor and today a major task –the annual WIL BATH!!!  He was extremely well behaved and the whole process ran smoothly, the dear soul has known that I was ill all week and has been so good, he seemed to know that I was not up for chasing him around the deck and stood stoically as buckets of warm water were tossed over him, shampooed applied, more water to rinse, a good shake and then towelling dry. I now have a BEAUTIFUL, shiny, fluffy, sweet-smelling Labrador.

Oh dear, the cat will have to be done next!!!! The other large piece of planning has been for Sunday, the monthly All Ages Gathering themed- “Ascension Celebration”- more on this after the fact.So  tomorrow, I hope to add a bit about the Coffeehouse, meanwhile, here is the recipe for one of the cold drinks we will be serving this evening.

  The thought of typing out a “food” recipe this week is truly beyond me, however, recently with the warmer weather, and a number of large gatherings of thirsty young people, I have been churning out
gallons of Mint Limeade and it has proven to be a big hit.
Mint Limeade
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 mint teabags OR ½ cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1 cup lime juice
  • 2 litres carbonated Mineral Water
Place the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add the teabags or fresh mint, remove from the heat, cover and allow to steep until cool. Strain the mixture into a large pitcher or punch bowl. Stir in the lime juice and chill thoroughly. Just before serving add the mineral water. Makes approx. 10 servings, easily multiplied
And the Coffeehouse….
 We had a very pleasant evening. People brought some lovely baked goods, the entertainment was stellar, ranging from serious poetry reading to amusing song parodies. Jessica was a super MC, Angela organised, Sarah coordinated the food and the reliable AJ provided professional Sound. It was also a long and tiring evening, but at the end it was heartening to see people roll up their sleeves and help set up the room for a Parenting Course. Others washed and dried the dishes and still others carried all AJ’s equipment out to his van. I was home at 10pm and in bed about 10 minutes later!

   Here are some of my very poor quality photos. Jillian took the “professional” ones and we will get them up on this blog ASAP. Jillian and Janice had also written a super song about joining Travelling Team. We are going to see if they can do a video and we will put it up here and/or on our YouTube Channel!!
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