Midweek Heads up!

This is just a quick post to draw your attention to the new slideshows on the Blog! Over the past 2 days Jillian brought her lovely photos from our November Coffee House (so you can all see what you missed by not attending.) There was weensy problem with formatting the Slideshow but, yesterday, the Lord sent Guylaine for lunch and as she is both a former CTM Office Worker and a computer graphics whiz. I asked for her help and she speedily sorted things out before I had our lunch on the table. Thanks Guylaine!

        I am still hoping to enlarge the 2011 set as there are many more excellent photos taken by Teams.

       Enjoy a Blessed Christmas!

1 thought on “Midweek Heads up!

  1. The coffee house looks great . .. but what was it that everyone was sitting on? I heard that there were these amazing quilts or something? Joking. Great photo slideshow – wish I was there.

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