Sunday Reflections- Pentecost 2

This will, of necessity, be a short post since as the evening draws in after a long Sunday, the Huyers have decided to stay overnight and drive on to Sherbrooke in the morning, and as I began to type, 6 year old William appeared with Finn Family Moomintroll asking me to read him a bedtime story.

This morning we all squeezed into their van and drove to church. Once there, I quickly set up the snack and cued a slide show episode “Philip and the Ethiopian” from the Day Camp Program “On Fire”, the Acts scripture passage for today’s sermon series focus.
 As the congregation gathered it appeared that the only children present were my two Godsons, so after the first worship songs we trooped upstairs. Soon after we settled down for snack Ralph and Gaelle arrived, followed next by Seren and Tighe, with their cousin Ezra and lastly by Nico! Quite the collection, ages 4-14 all in one room!! Fortunately John was there as my helper but the lesson was erratic to say the least, since more then half the children missed the video and only arrived in time to decorate small dried gourds as African-style shakers! General chaos reigned and I was VERY relieved that I had poured out only a tiny quantity of paint and provided tiny brushes. Whew!
 After the Gathering and lunch we hurried home and soon people began arriving for the Senior Youth Camp Staff meeting, which lasted until dinnertime.  During the meeting I prepared a dessert for Monday’s dinner, iced a cake and made a pasta, pesto and cherry tomato salad, with Parmesan, for tonight’s dinner plus watched over the boys and set the dinner table out on the deck with one hand while holding baby Andrew on my hip!
  And so now everyone is in bed, not all asleep but things are beginning to quiet down 😊

With an unexpectedly full house of 6 humans, 1 cat and 1 dog, I’m ready for sleep.
But there have been precious moments amid the chaos that mean so much–sitting on the deck with a chubby baby on my lap, curled up on the sofa reading about the Moomins, and serving chocolate cake to small boys.

Surely I am blessed to live this rich life, surrounded by the CTM community. .
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