Sunday Reflections- Easter 6

       This morning’s forecast included rain but I
decided to risk it anyway and bike to church. The advantages of being able to
come and go in my own time outweighing the disadvantage of getting wet! Going
down to church was fine but coming home did prove to be rather soggy; however I
      Today we ended up with a joint group since one
of the under-fives leaders was not well so the family was unable to come.
Fortunately it was not a day with extra visitors so I managed quite well with Pippa
offering to give a hand as needed.
were revisiting the Road to Emmaus passage from the Gospel of Luke. Since the
focus was on the Disciples recognizing Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread we
made placemats and the children could choose whether to decorate them with cutouts
of food pictures or with a drawing illustrating the scene. After each mat was
completed we covered it with clear plastic so that hopefully the young artists
could use them for meals at home. Today was also Holy Communion so after our
activities we rejoined everyone else for the Eucharist.
     Following the Service we held our monthly Children’s Ministry Core Team
meeting. This was a real working meeting since the plan was to clear out and
reorganize a large cupboard in the under-fives room and to repurpose it for
storage of all the children’s art supplies, our felt board, extra toys etc.
the work was done I buttoned up my raincoat for the ride home.
This afternoon Wil and I had a soggy walk and now we are settled in,
glad not to have to make another excursion until just before bedtime.
Since next Sunday will be the All Ages gathering I’ve been taking some
time to look for a descent video of the Ascension, there really doesn’t seem to
be much out there that isn’t pretty corny. Sigh.
will also be including Malcolm Guite’s Ascension Sonnet. His Blog features
recordings of him reading his own poetry, which will fit excellently with our
Gathering theme.

 Here is a link, poetry on a wet Sunday afternoon seems just right somehow…

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