Sunday Reflections- Pentecost 21

        Just a short post as I await the arrival of the Gallahers, who will be visiting me for tea today, on their very short visit to Montreal from the UK.
        In true Canadian fashion I must begin by complaining about the weather! This morning was sunny but REALLY cold for biking to church and then when I took Wil for an early afternoon walk it started to SNOW again and has been alternating between snow and sleet every since. UGH!  I had initially contemplated biking to Crossroads tonight but have decided that it would be best to take the bus, discretion being the better part of valour!
     Sadly, this morning there were only 2 Toddlers at church and no one for Children’s Group so my plans for making swags of grain after discussing the story of Ruth were somewhat thwarted. However, Jenna gave a very interesting talk about Ruth and I was present for the latter half after sneaking back into the worship space following snack time with the Toddlers and their Leaders. Next week is Samuel, and Fred is speaking so I intend to check in with him early in the week to find out the verses upon which he will be focusing.
     And now, with the tea table ready, I await the Gallahers. I’m really hoping they arrive soon since I need to leave again for Crossroads in a couple of hours. Janice and I have been messaging back and forth as she is having trouble gathering enough people for the Liturgical Dance, due to High School midterms! I’m trying to place the matter in the hands of the Lord and just let go if it is not to be.

     I fear this post has not provided much in the way of illuminating insights for the Lord’s Day but since we try to see God at work in the mundane as well as in the times of spiritual high points, it is still good to reflect on His presence on just an “ordinary” Sunday and to search out the elements that can still make the day extraordinary! 
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