Wednesday Words

  For our March Wednesday Words we are featuring a Post contributed by Amy Croy. Amy was Youth Pastor at St. Paul’s Edmonton for 12 years and is currently Coordinator of Youth Alpha Programming for the Diocese of Edmonton.
 Amy was involved with  Day Camps @ St. Paul’s right from the first year we were invited there.
Welcome Amy!

 When I first heard of Crosstalk Day Camp from Nancy Craig in 2006, I thought it would be a great way for St. Paul’s youth to reach out in our surrounding community.   It turned out to be that and much more.   I remember the moment in our first team meeting with Kat and Liz, that the parish team realized we would actually be leading games, songs, prayer and devotionals.  Seeing the growth in our young leaders that first year hooked me. I realized that it really  more than fun and games it really is about helping people of all ages become strong disciples of Jesus Christ.  
Not only did I see my youth grow in leadership, the kids who came loved Lamb and had a lot of fun learning about Jesus.  The following year I invited my two young granddaughters to stay with me during Crosstalk so they could be part of the program.  Juleanne and Madison loved it and it became a tradition for them to spend Crosstalk week with me.  It has been such a blessing to see them take part throughout the years; we often have listened to the crosstalk CD just for fun. 
Crosstalk gave our church an excuse to interact with people in the neighbourhood and helped connect our church to the community. We’ve had some amazing stories of kids connecting with Jesus and wanting their own Bibles.  A few years ago when St. Paul’s was discerning if Crosstalk was still a good way for us to connect with the community, I phoned people who had sent their children the previous summer.  What I heard is that for many families Crosstalk was their connection with church.  They looked for the Crosstalk Banner each year.  One family said they couldn’t imagine their summer without it.
Watching both the travelling team and home team members gel and develop their leadership skills is one of my very favourite things about Crosstalk.  I love seeing the travelling team help others take the lead.  Joshua Lougheed explained it succinctly, when he said, “I am a better leader today, because someone who was better than me let me lead.  I feel very privileged to have met so many travelling team members throughout the years and sometimes continue to connect with them over Facebook.  A comment addressed to Pastor Amy always brings back fond memories.  It has been a special joy for me to recommend parish members for the travelling team as well as pray for them as they serve across Canada.  This past summer I was doubly blessed in having both Juleanne and Madison serve as part of the Parish Team.  It was great to witness my granddaughters lead kids with the same care and affection they had received for years. I look forward to seeing Lamb and meeting new friends again this summer.
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