Sunday Reflections-Lent 5

Yesterday’s slushy snow froze hard overnight and we awoke to -15C temperatures and a world of treacherous ice. Dear Cousin Ron had mistaken the time, again and called before 7am so it was a good job I had been up before that trying to chip ice off the front path! He gave me a short history lesson on King Richard the Third who’s bones are to be reinterred this week, having been found under a parking lot a couple of years ago! I tried to make appropriate noises of interest while feeding the dog and cat and making coffee etc.
     After a nasty walk in the roads with Wil I strapped on a heavy pack basket and caught the early bus down to St. Stephen’s House. As I rounded the corner into Weredale Park it struck me that, with Nick away, it was possible no one had arrived before and thus I might need to wait, frozen on the doorstep, but, mercifully, Terry was there ahead of me to set up the sound equipment!
    Soon I had the soup heating and preparations made for cookie baking with the Children’s group. Today’s domestic activities dovetailed neatly with our focus on Luke 19, the story of Zacchaeus, surely he would have prepared soup and bread and cookies when he invited Jesus home (as per the old children’s song) to “Tea”!
    After snack with the toddlers George and I watched this Claymation video and had a discussion around this week’s Spiritual Discipline of alms giving. Then we headed down to the kitchen and George did a fine job scooping out the cookie dough while I stirred soup etc. Then, as the cookies baked, George drew his own version of the story on a large sheet of brown paper.   With our voices kept to whispers we could hear bits of the sermon discussion and prayers from the adjoining room and also enjoyed a visit from Marjya and baby Henry who were walking around since he was restless. Lunch went well and I was blessed to have a ride home with the Tappendens. Which included lots of giggles from 2 year old Olivia and a rousing rendition of “Five Little Monkeys”!
      During my second icy Wil walk there was time to set the morning in context and to give thought to the teachings extracted from the story of Zacchaeus. His desire to repent and to offer reparation to those he had cheated and wronged, and of course the Lord’s response of love and forgiveness. We do not all have a lot of money to give but we all can offer love and forgiveness and we should also be willing to give generously of what we do have, whether that be monetary wealth or tea and cookies!
    And since I am expecting Guylaine and Matthew for tea and cookies at any moment, I had better end off right here!
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