Sunday Reflections-Epiphany

Last evening’s Team Gathering went very well. The weather cooperated and 14 people gathered to fellowship, worship, sing and pray as well as munching on treats and working on 3 jigsaw puzzles. The fire crackled, the dog and cat bounded through the room at regular intervals causing mayhem with puzzle pieces flying. Wil’s tail kept lashing across the projector screen making it virtually impossible to read the lyrics and then he sat upright on the sofa with his silhouette outlined across the wall as we tried to sing the worship songs. Sigh.But, as I tried to tiptoe between two groups of intensely concentrating “puzzlers” to replenish the fire, I thought how “good’ this time was, very special.

         And this morning during the weekly chat with Cousin Ron, as he asked about my week and I recounted the evening, he said, “your life sounds wonderful! so full, so blessed”. His comment took me aback for a moment, but it also called me to look more carefully at the pattern God has woven for my daily life and to be more thankful and more intentional in recognising just how “good” it is. Not to focus on the icy streets or freezing weather, or the fact that, last Friday when I went outside to shovel the deck, the glass in the back door shattered into a hundred sharp shards and I have no idea how to fix it. How much better to sink into a chair in the living room and watch the swirl of young faces around me, laughing, fellowshipping and sharing in song and prayer.

      This morning I jumped out of bed earlier than usual in order to deal with extra chores like cleaning out the grate from last night’s fire and laying a fresh one. (Last evening when Jessica and Chelsea arrived for the Gathering, Jessica was carrying a big bag of split logs for me, another blessing!) 
Then Nick picked me up and we were soon down at St. Stephen’s House where I busied myself laying down the road from Persia to Bethlehem (the quiz “board”), arranging the candlestick decorating activity, setting out the Galette des Rois etc.
With the weather infinitely better this Sunday, we had a goodly congregation and it was lovely to see everyone from tiny Olivia to George and Lydia’s grandparents (visiting from England) joining together as we explored the Journey of the Magi. We sang “We Three Kings, “As With Gladness…” & “Brightest and Best”; and Nick even brought his “St. Matthew” Muppet, who made some pertinent opening comments about “his” Gospel, from which Nick read while we watched this excellent video. 
There was a lively and competitive quiz session and lunch was a  delicious Borscht made by Jenna from her brother-in-law’s “Oma’s”
recipe.The Galette all disappeared,so I guess it was appreciated too!
 I was most grateful to be offered a ride home with the Ludgates who live on my street and now must turn my attention to preparing a batch of Hot Lemonade for the SYC Bible Study, who will soon be invading the living room at 7pm!
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