Sunday Reflections-Transfiguration Sunday


       Woo, That’s quite a title, but since I’m still picking gold glitter off my clothes after making “Jesus Transfigured” clothes peg figures with the children this morning, I’m unlikely to forget today’s Scripture!
       Together, we discussed the meaning of the Transfiguration, and how Jesus’ friends must have felt after that amazing experience. Having read the passage about “shining our Light” a few weeks ago,today we thought of ways in which we can really be lights for the Lord in our daily lives. We may never aspire to divine radiance but being “aglow” might be do-able!
       It being Communion Sunday, we worked on our activity in the dining room while Nick gave his sermon then cleaned up and joined everyone else at the Peace.
     After the Service I rushed around and snaffled a few more helpers for next Sunday’s “Ashes to Hope” All Ages Service and then walked home. It was nice and sunny but still quite cold so I moved briskly and thought about our discussion and the fresh way in which small children respond to the Scriptures.  Their openness always empowers me try and see a passage with their eyes and bring away from our time a new “take” on a well known reading.
     So now the focus shifts towards Lent, as we begin to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming season of penitence and hope.
    We will need some sheer curtain panels on which to stencil giant purple tulips for a window installation (one of the interest areas at next Sunday’s Service) but, unfortunately, the secondhand store was not open so I couldn’t hunt for them on the way home. 
    Overnight, we had a couple of centimetres of fresh snow, so before leaving for church I did about half the shovelling and then finished it up while my lunch soup was heating.
    After lunch and a Wil Walk, some more work was done preparing for changing the decorations, then setting up for the Senior Youth Camp Bible Study.  

The crew has just arrived so now Wil, Mandu and I are safely cloistered in the Studio where, after writing this, I hope to do a bit of knitting on yet another baby hat. Quite a full Sunday! 
 This post is going up a bit late because I confess I’m not very good at keeping a Sabbath Rest, but the sort of things I mostly do on Sundays are different from other days so maybe that counts for something!

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