Week 1 Report from “the Fields”

   Well Week 1 of Day Camps is almost over. I have been receiving reports from all 7 Teams, spread out from Edmonton to Moncton.

The whole flock has been working hard with several Lambs reporting stage fright at the thought of addressing whole congregations at Sunday Closing Services!!
      Each Team has had its own unique challenges and adventures from Samuel’s unfortunate accident on Monday
      ( I’m happy to say that he is doing fine now!), to a number of “Water Day” Wednesdays, cut short either by flash thunderstorms or giant mosquitos!) 
       Week 1 Day Camps ranged from a tiny group of 4 Campers  in Regina to 39 in Eastern Ontario and there are reports of at least two Camps expecting over 60 children next week!!
     Damp weather across the country is helping to provide some luscious grass for all the Lambs (as well as the plagues of mosquitos) and I have told them to eat heartily this weekend as I think the coming week may prove an even bigger challenge.
    Today, Team 3 will be heading north to the community of Slave Lake, where we have been blessed with the privilege of offering 2 weeks of Day Camps . We pray that the love and learning of our Program will help to heal and provide a sense of normalcy to both the children and wider communtiy of Slave Lake and we are truly grateful for the amazing God-given opportunity to reach out to them.
     Some Day Camps held Friday Closings which included fellowship at Barbecues and Potluck Suppers. One Priest has already written…..

         ” I give glory to God for the traveling team who have just left for
Gordon’s First Nation and for your tireless labour.
Thank you for everything.”

And, this morning, children in a wide variety of  settings will be helping to lead Worship through Liturgical Dance, Intercessions, Songs & Scripture Reading and by decorating their Churches with offerings of candles, instruments and colourful windsocks. We pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit will continue to warm and sustain these children and their wider communities in the year to come!
                                                    God is good!!
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