Week 2-Reports from the Fields

    As Week 2 of Day Camps draws to a close  the Flock and I have so many stories to share that we are not sure where to start!
Team 6 at the Closing Service-Melfort
   I think the best word to describe the Ministry which our 6 Teams provided to children  in 5 Provinces, this week, is “flexibilty”
The Lambs have been kept hopping (or frisking?) as Teams used their creatvitiy to work with groups as small as only 2 Campers to a super-large Camp with 70 children!!
  And the HEAT!!! nearly every community sweltered under high heat and humidity warnings of up to 50degrees. Prairie Teams also battled with giant mosquitoes and All Teams need to be commended for finding creative ways to use our Program to meet all of these extraordinary conditions, and to do a good job too!!.
 Water Day was a big hit everywhere as a welcome relief from the heat.
  Janice, a Leader in Saskatchewan ,called on Tuesday to brainstorm after discovering that the nearby community pool, where they had hoped to take the children for Wednesday’s Water Day was actually closed until Friday. We talked about making do with buckets etc, and we prayed  for a better day tomorrow, despiite this new obstacle.
But God is GOOD and He is looking out for our Teams in so many ways as they seek to bring the Good News to His chidlren. 
What a joy it was for me to open an email from Janice on  Wednesday evening only to read that the Community, hearing of this need for the Pool, had changed the water and opened it up JUST FOR THE DAY CAMP!!!!
     The Lambs are bursting to let you know that one of them  enjoyed a soapy “Sheep dip” in order to spruce up after the sticky week and rumour also has it that “Ontario Lamb” has been out boating on a lake north of Toronto.
  Well, even Lambs do deserve a little recreation while out in “the fields”!!!

Lamb and Co in the Canola fields!

      We have so many wonderful stories from the Team in Slave Lake Alberta that I am hoping to convince them once they are home, to provide a Special Report on that Community. But then, every Team has some amazing stories to tell and all have promised to bring home lots of pictures, featuring my fleecy co-blogger!

    Meanwhile let me share one special story  told to me by Emma, who spent the week working with the youngest children  in Slave Lake.
    During Devotions the Scramblers  were all busy drawing in there journals, one little boy sat in the middle of the circle with his eyes squeezed tightly closed
“SHHHH!!! stop talking!, I’m trying to listen to God”.
    The others went on with their cheerful babble so he got up and went and sat in a corner so he could continue listening to God.
 Emma said that, later, she was able to talk and pray with him outside. 
    What a joy to spend time with each child at Day Camp and to watch the seeds we are planting, begin to take root in young lives!!
Lamb Meets Chocolate Moose,Melfort Sask.
Our Prayer for the week ahead is for renewed ENERGY for each Team. By Week 3 even the most enthusiastic and energetic of Team Members begins to feeling the creaping exhaustion which comes from a combination of giving to others ,and constantly being “on the road”. Please pray that this weekend ,even those who face a 15 hour overnight bus ride ( yes, one Team does just that!) 
will have time to spend in quiet reflection ,resting and also …..”Listening to God”.
                                          He is good and his Grace is sufficient to meet all our needs!!


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