Wednesday Words- The Summer Team Gathering

Hello Blog Friends!

As promised, I’m just popping in with a short post reporting on last Saturday’s Team Gathering.

I’m not exactly sure how many people logged on because several people joined late, one family of 4 joined for only 15 minutes and a bunch from a church youth group were gathered around a small laptop screen so it was a bit tricky to see exactly how many of them were there!

However, as expected, Jessica did a super job as our Speaker, offering a reflection based around the Sacred Text practice of Lectio Divina.

Miriam and Donna had selected a number of our favourite Taizé songs, including Ubi Caritas sung in Tagalog (a special request I had made😊).

Ubi Caritas- Tagalog

Mae Anne ably led a time of prayer when participants were given a few minutes to write down their concerns and thanksgivings in the “chat box”, after which Mae Anne read them out to all of us, each one interspersed with the special Taizé prayer response.

Following our closing prayer and song a number of Alumni stayed behind and chatted together, which provided a good time of fellowship. Over the past few days, several of the participants have messaged me to say how much they enjoyed the evening and that has been most affirming.

 Our next TG will be in early October, themed around Harvest Thanksgiving, I’m already on the hunt for a Speaker, it will be hard to outdo Jessica 😊 but each person brings a fresh perspective when invited to be our Speaker, so I know whoever it is will be well received.All in all a time of blessing, harking back to sticky summer evenings when many of us crammed into the living room at Isaiah 40 (or, in 2019, my own living room) to join in Evening Worship at the Team Training Retreat.

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