Wednesday Words- The Day Camps Cook-Along

It’s a long time since we published a Wednesday Words post but we have had such a great time at the Cook-Along that I thought I would share some super photos sent in by participating families.

 Over the past three Saturdays Day Camps has offered  “Cook-along” sessions geared to day campers. We sent emails to clergy and coordinators in communities that have hosted Day Camps in recent years and we also advertised the Cook-Along on Crosstalk Ministries Facebook Page.

7 Families joined in from 5 different provinces, with a total of 20 different children taking part over the 3 weeks.

A tech buddy from the Day Camp Committee helped to monitor questions and assisted each weekly “chef” by keeping everyone connected on the Google Meet platform.

Many thanks are due to our chefs-Victor Zampino, Syndi-Belle El-Tayar and Josiah Henderson each of whom shared a Lenten or Easter–themed recipe from their cultural heritage. Thanks also to the tech buddies- Jillian, Mae Anne and Gillian.

Families are already asking, “When are you doing it again?” We hope to plan “Season 2” around Harvest Thanksgiving!

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