Postcards from the Training Retreat

Here we are with the second instalment of the summer “Postcards” series.
        It is hard to believe that our annual Retreat week is already a thing of the past. Rarely a day goes by throughout the year in which I do not give some thought to this pivotal week in the Day Camps schedule and then it suddenly rushes upon us like an express train, speeds by and is gone. Whoosh!!!
And now it was happened again- gone, this time largely in a blur of heat, as we experienced almost a full week of record-breaking temperatures that put a strain on all of us, but which for the most part was borne cheerfully and with little complaint.  
      In this post I’ll be sharing some quotes from the Evaluation Forms, filled out by all the Team Members. Besides “rating” various aspects of the Retreat, they are asked to write a paragraph reflecting on the ways this past week has impacted them. Here goes…
“Although this is my second year doing travelling team I believe there is still plenty to learn about God and taking part in the retreat helps me to do so. I have undoubtedly grown in my faith since arriving as each interaction provides me with a new experience and opportunity to connect with God.”
“I feel that this past week has definitely grown my faith. Back home most of the people my age and especially my closer friends are not believers. So most often it is difficult to talk about my faith with people who understand where I am coming from. However, this past week, specifically the Small Group Devotions we did lead to very interesting and insightful discussion. We helped each other answer questions we had about the scripture we read, or just questions.”
“I guess God has spoken to me and helped me grow in more ways than I even realized until I began to pray and write J.” (this evaluation)
“This past week I got to know more about the Lord and I felt that I grew closer to God. During the week I got to focus more on God by having worship in the evening with everyone and by doing devotions with others in small groups.”
 “This week was definitely the most unique week of my life. Small groups and worship really brought me into a new level of worship. Singing in different languages and unique songs made me feel as though I came 10x closer to God. I have come to know the Lord a lot more than I did 7 days ago and I believe I have committed my life to his course.”
“ This week has been so helpful. I feel I have been able to reconnect with God through this whole week with the help of the overnight supervisor and small groups. I am so glad that there were actually less team members this year because we were able to get more personal and indepth this week.”
 “ Yes, I have grown strongly in faith in the Lord this past week because of Evening Worship. In my opinion Evening Worship was the strongest and most effective way for me to connect with God.
I came to Day Camps to learn more about God but also to spread the Good News across Canada. I trust His plan and always look forward to extending my faith with God. That is also having fun at the same time.”
“The evening worship and the speakers, as well as the small groups have helped me grow into my faith and re-establish a bond with God The constant reminder of trusting Christ is ever present in the small group devotions and that message has really instilled itself in my heart. Despite all challenges and rough times God’s promise of  always being there gives me peace amidst the stormy sea that life can sometimes be.”
“ This week has reminded me that God IS with us no matter where we go or what we do. Our God loves us in ways we cannot possibly fathom and I give praises and thanks for this. We are truly blessed for this week and the people that have made it happen.”
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