Bonus Monday!

Hello friends ,
If you read the last post you will know I had a pretty hairy weekend, I’m now briefly coming up for air before diving deeply into a to of CTM activities happening this week.
In this short pause before the storm I’m delighted to share with you some “Sneak Peeks” from the 2017 Day Camp Program Slide Show- “On Fire!”, stories from the Book of Acts.
Anna is finishing up filming this week and has been sending me  a number of pics so I thought I would whet the appetites of Team Members and Host Communities alike by posting them for you.
Here goes!

This first bunch are all for the Day 1 story “Alight ” all about the coming of the Holy Spirit:-

And now for some clips from Day 2- “Walking and Leaping”- the story of Peter and John healing the lame man at the Beautiful Gate:-

I can hardly wait for Days 3-5! Have a great week, see you back here on Saturday 😊
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