Wednesday Words- Summer Edition

       Over the Summer we don’t always publish Wednesday Words posts but today I have something special to share.
     Two weeks ago we were all at our Day Camp Training Retreat and during that time each Team Member was given a Feedback Form to fill out and leave, on the last day, in a designated box. The Retreat Week Staff always reviews these forms during our wrap-up meeting, since as well as helping us with logistics and scheduling for next year, they often provide us with insights and glimpses of what has been going on within each person, thoughts and reflections often not shared aloud.
    The Staff felt that we wanted to let our readers share in these reflections (all protected by anonymity). We hope they will touch you as they touched us. After months of planning and solid hard work in preparing this Retreat it is extremely rewarding to know that we have helped these young people on their spiritual journeys.
    So for Wednesday Words in both July and August we will be posting some of these quotes along with photos of some of the delightful Thank You notes, which I was privileged to receive at the end of that week.
        Here goes ….
“I was in a period of my faith when my relationship with God was dull. This week really helped me get back on track especially since there weren’t any distractions (phone and internet). The worship services have especially touched me deeply, I was reminded hoe God is always in charge of everything and I need to trust him. This Day Camp Program pushes me out of my comfort zone but God is always by our side.”
“The evening talks and small group discussions helped me a lot with my point of view of my walk with Christ, with my relationship with God. These conversations reflect on my spiritual life as well as the ways I live my; life on earth.”
“ I have grown in the Lord in that I am more aware of the worries of others and am more concerned for them and pray for them. The Evening worship is especially helpful because speakers would take different angles of the stories and left new things that I learned. I also came to love and appreciate this community more this week! 😊”
“This week I felt really encouraged in my faith. I found the speakers to be really encouraging. I learned a lot and felt touched. I really felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me and telling me to draw near to Him. I also found this week I was able to let go of some things I was hanging onto. Also being away from my phone really helped me to refocus and not to be so addicted to it. I was able to focus on God better, and the mission of this week.”
“This week has reminded me about God’s love. I feel like I’ve grown in Him and myself and I feel confident about this summer. The Lord is with me, and I know that, so I’m excited to see who I can help during the next weeks, with His love. This Retreat has taught me that God has a plan for me, and I shouldn’t be scared about my future, what will be, will be. The Lord will always be there for me, I just have to acknowledge Him.”

“This week has changed my life. It has showed me there is more to life than just me. I felt a great pain when I lost a Team Member, it was like losing a brother or sister. Now I have to step up and be the big brother. I have to come out of my shell like a turtle, protect and defend like a snake, and strike back when needed, now, as I write this, like a boomerang, they came back. If you believe hard enough, sometimes you have to just keep praying and maybe, just maybe He’ll listen. This time He did, He listened.”

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