Lent 3

Another icy week around here, but the days are getting longer so there is really a hope of Spring to come.
      Around the world of Day Camps we are also experiencing a Spring awakening. More churches are contacting us about hosting Day Camps, 3 people have spoken to me about applying for Travelling Team. The Program Manual is definitely coming together and even the music binders are being assembled!
    From now on, each week will bring an increase in this sort of activity, until all too soon, every waking (and some night time) moments will be filled with the urgency and excitement of  the approaching summer. For now, after finishing morning office work each day I find myself trying to make a dent in the ice on the skating rink which is supposed to be the front path! It is really dangerous on all the sidewalks and a trip through the neighbourhood is fraught with potential disaster when trying to control Wil’s exuberance and keep my balance.
     This week has also seen me on another round of cat feeding duties for some friends who are visiting family in Manitoba and on Thursday the Synod Office contacted me to see if I would be willing to go across the street and shovel the stairs and path at the old rectory of the Church of St. Columba, which is currently up for sale. The Executive Archdeacon also asked if I could mop the hall floor and wipe down the kitchen counters to make the place a bit more presentable for viewing. It was sad going in there this morning to work, so empty and forlorn. Since we came to this house over thirty years ago my family has always known the various Rectors living there and many times I have been there for a cup of tea or to help Father Hannen decide on new curtains, or consult with Father
Mark’s wife about the gardens. The for sale sign on the lawn is sad enough but walking through the rooms was way harder.
       However there have been many bright spots this week as well. Jessica came for dinner one evening and we talked about the books we have been reading and about all the prospective Team Members (including her younger sister!) and always about food, since we are both serious “foodies”!
 Then Jillian spent much of Thursday here working on Music Binders while I compiled the 2016 Team supply list.
 This afternoon I work will be continuing on my Pysanky. The first dozen is all finished so progress has been made. Other afternoons I have ben delving into the Japanese Crafts book Sue lent me and sewing a couple of birthday gifts for friends, it is a lot of fun working with bright spring colours on these dark days.
As of tomorrow afternoon the plan is to begin the “Changing of the Decorations” so a goodly a portion of days at the beginning of next week will be devoted to that process. As is usual in a Canadian “spring” the bold floral patterns of my indoor decorations will be in stark contrast with the snowy outdoors for at least the next 6 weeks but it will be exciting and I’m hyped to begin the task.
 Bishop Mary was also pleased with the first of the clergy shirts I sewed for her so as soon as the house is back in order the plan is to make the other four she has ordered.
 Thursday evening was also a meeting of the Sunday Gatherings Design Team at church and much time was spent planning Holy Week and Easter and sharing ideas right through to Pentecost. This coming Sunday we have a guest preacher who is spearheading a Church Plant in downtown Montreal, Nick has told us he and his wife may bring their three small children so I have been preparing extra quantities of activity materials, just in case.
We will be talking about the Parable of the Fig Tree, which required cutting out of felt figs and a tree trunk to add to our felt board story. 
As it turns out, instead of Pysanky this afternoon I’m waiting for a friend from the SYC staff to drop by as he has asked if I can help him by hemming a new pair of trousers. He needs them this week as he is making an unexpected and sad trip to the UK for the funeral of his Grandma. He’ll be here any minute so before signing off we need a recipe!

This week I made a favourite Tibetan Egg Drop Soup to eat with some momos. It makes a quick and tasty accompaniment to Asian food so here you go…
Tibetan Egg Drop Soup
  • 8 cups beef or mushroom stock
  • 1 fresh tomato, chopped
  • ½ cup fresh spinach leaves, roughly chopped
  • 4 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2 Tbsps. Tamari

In a medium saucepan bring the stock to a boil, toss the eggs into the pan, turn off the heat and add the spinach, tomato and soy sauce. Serves 4-6

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