Team Supply Inventory

              I seem to be capable of dredging up extremely dull Post Titles but this week I really do want to focus on the topic of “Taking Inventory”.
     It has been a week in which I have been called to take more than one Inventory. All week I knew that I would be meeting Jessica and Emma on Friday to begin the Herculean  “Inventory of Team Supplies” but, prior to Friday, I have spent most of the week in a house “under construction” which caused me to spend a fair bit of time “Taking Inventory” of my current personal situation.
      Ten days ago Ed, Steve and Peter, descended upon the house to try and patch up a long list of woes from sadly dilapidated fences to very leaky windows.  I had made a list of the worst problems. Over the 7 years of my Dad’s illness no repairs of any sizable nature were able to be undertaken. I’m afraid that my financial situation still only enables a lot of “patch up” jobs so all of this has caused me, yet again, to “take inventory” of where I am and if I am truly following the Lord’s purpose as His steward in this place.
The New Gate
Sometimes I feel so sure I’m on the right track, the one He wants me to follow and then other times I’m consumed with gnawing doubts as to whether staying here is just my own selfish desire to keep this home.
   These repairs require me to use the small inheritance I have held onto since my Mother’s death 12 (can it possibly be 12?) years ago. And so I’m thrown into a new fit of worry as to whether I’m doing the right thing giving up the only extra cushion of security I possess.
    Like all very old houses, when someone starts fixing one thing, something else breaks and so I have to keep making snap decisions when the workmen come to me holding rotten pieces of wood or other items which they deem impossible to mend.
      I feel SO inadequate to make these sort of choices. If I am following the Lord’s path then I want to be a wise steward, but if I’m not following that path well. what other path should I be on???
I found a link to a great website this week and it helped me to try to just be moregratefulfor each day and to seek out the best in it despite all of these seemingly insurmountable hurdles.
     So”here is a list of my “gratefulnesses” for the past week —–
Jill’s Mei Tai
  • Monday: my friend and Fellow Day Camp Committee member, Jill,gave birth to her fourth child, Owen Caleb
  • Tuesday: I successfully completed the sewing of 5 giant raw silk curtain panels for Father Hannen.
  • Wednesday: I packed up my Baby Gift, a Mei Tai, and a complete dinner for the Chapmans and walked over to delivereverything, thus getting to meet Owen, age 2 days!
  • Thursday- I attended my Boarder, Maria’s Graduation Recital in Performance Piano at McGill’s Pollack Hall. It was raining so I was doubly blessed to receive a ride down and back with my
    neighbour, Caroline  and  her daughter,Katie,who also attended the recital.
  •  Friday: I met Jessica and Emma and we managed to get through about 2/3 of the Team Supply inventory.
The week to come is filled with the usual challenges. As I struggle to live out my purpose in this place I need to set aside my personal trials and focus more on the work of Day Camps. We desperately need more Team Members , AND more Host Churches. There are still blanks to fill in at the Retreat and I need to begin cooking and freezing foods for that week.
      Jessica will be coming to work on the Team Leaders’ Binders and I need to collect together all the supplies for “Craft Day” which is coming up fast next Saturday.
      Next Sunday my Godson, his parents and his baby brother will be staying and the Senior Youth Camp Committee will be meeting here.  Who knows? maybe I will be able to come up with a catchier Post Title too!
     When we are in Isaiah 40, continuing the Supply inventory, I shall take a photo of “the Flock”. Yes, the Lambs are back in Montreal and waiting to supervise our Supply Room work and to make themselves comfy in the Supply Tubs, as they prepare for another summer out in the Fields!
     I’m breaking with tradition this week and not offering a recipe but, instead, a Menu suggestion……
         The highlight of Saturdays at our house is our weekly Brunch/Lunch. This is composed of flaky ORGANIC Chocolatines (I buy them at our COOP), bowls of vanilla latté and a big platter of fresh fruits.
Maria took these photos when her trio members joined us for this meal a couple of Saturdays ago.
And I was “Grateful” for their visit too!!
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