Down to the Wire

Team Members 2010

Lamb has been tugging at my arm to drag me over to the blog because Lamb has a new important message to post and ,as Lamb points out, it is impossible to type with hooves!. I know that but I am BUSY!!

“So Lamb ,what is this important message??”
Well, Lamb, you are right, that is a very important message. the Director has been working day and night to let people know that we still need 7 more volunteers who are ready to give six weeks of their Summer to take the good news about Jesus to Children across Canada.
Oh yes, and Lamb wants me to add that we need Team members to encourage children to bring fresh grass, to help hold up Lamb, to carry Lamb and all the other program materials in our big tubs, oh and lots of other , Lamb related  jobs!.
 If you are 15 years or over, a committed Christian, and if you like adventures and want to spend your Summer making a real difference for God in this World. then please send us an email, and if you join up Lamb promises to give you a big slobbery Lamb kiss as soon as you arrive!!!
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