The Harvest Thanksgiving Team Gathering

 As promised, here are the photos from last evening’s Gathering. It was a truly beautiful event with laughter and tears, songs and prayers, great food and fellowship.
         For the past few days I had been struggling with a cold and yesterday morning was feeling pretty gross as I began to deal with all the preparations for the evening. I kept thinking how lovely it would be to just curl up with some tea and a good book!
        Then I began to reflect on how much I love each of these special young adults who give of themselves each summer to bring Jesus to so many children and I also thought of what a privilege it is to spend an evening in my home with so many special people. I gave myself a good shake, offered up some prayers and forged ahead! I found I even had time to curl up with a book for an hour during the afternoon PTL!
       And then they began to arrive and I knew how much I wanted them to be here and to feel welcome and valued. Mikaela and Miguel even went out of their way to stop and buy fair-trade organic chocolate to melt into fondue, so thoughtful of my stand on fair-trade organic foods!
      There were 16 of us; 4 committee members and 12 Team members, past present and hopefully future. 😊 
      We sang a number of Taizé songs, accompanied by Donna on ukulele, Miguel on Djembe and Miriam’s lovely vocals. Then they divided up into small groups and did a short Bible study and discussion on Psalm 23. As they talked together they also drew and wrote prayers on small “Taizé Cross” boards, which we then shared in our time of intercessions. While they were in their small groups Jillian and I even got a good start on the washing up, which meant it only took me about half an hour to clean up after they left!
All in all a very lovely evening, which I would not have missed for anything. 😊
Enjoy the photos!
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