Friday afternoon and already the first week of Day Camps is ending. Right now one of our three Training Day Camps is holding its Closing Gathering, and then the other two will happen on Sunday.
It has not been a restful or easy week. One of our Team Members returned home after four days thus setting off a chain reaction necessitating the reconfiguring of 4 Teams. All of this is unfortunately still in a state of flux so that every time the phone rings or a text arrives I’m scrambling to see if there is some important piece of news, which might help solve the dilemma.
       Meanwhile my home is still a construction zone as the house next door (attached by a shared wall) has been sold to a pair of contractors who have used a selection of very noisy power tools and sledge hammers to gut it down to a shell.  They have actually filled 3 giant dumpsters over the past month and appear to still be in the deconstruction rather than reconstruction phase. Sigh ☹️. Never a dull moment around here, but it is not helpful to deal with when one works at home. It will be quite a relief to decamp over to Isaiah 40 as we begin the Training Retreat on Sunday, although one is rather nervous about making sure the house is still standing when returning late each evening!
  To spice things up, the week also included our monthly Pot Trust Supper and House Eucharist. Thursday evening nine of us gathered for it, three children and six adults. Despite a fair amount of set up and clear up it was a lovely oasis in the midst of a stressful week and I never lose the thrill of seeing the Lord’s Supper celebrated right here in this house.  Chelsea stayed afterwards and helped with the washing up, which was a huge blessing too.

This evening, when Jessica called in (Training Team Leader at First Filipino Baptist Church) she promised to email me a short video of a spontaneous dance jam that took place after Day Camp ended, I was hoping to include it here, although I rarely have success inserting videos 😊
And now I’m midway through a soggy Saturday…
      Yesterday I made three separate trips (ALL in the rain, ugh!) over to the Retreat Centre, one with a load of groceries, the second with various pieces of equipment and the third to meet Alexander who had generously agreed to pick up a VERY large grocery order from the CO-OP. Most unfortunately the sidewalks outside the centre are currently being replaced so that the only way to get in is by walking a narrow plank over a deep trench, not the easiest thing to do in the pouring rain while carrying heavy boxes of groceries! But all the food (well the bulk of the food!) is now safely in the building so today I went over and did more prep and set-up work as there is never enough time on Sunday before the Teams start arriving and general chaos sets in. I love being able to do prep work in the clean and silent building almost as much as I love to sit in the circle of young people once we have finally gathered to begin the Retreat.
      Hopefully my next post will have lots of photos to give you a flavour of the week but before ending off with a recipe there is one more thing to share…
      A week ago yesterday, several of the younger Team Members who are from the same church were at a Bible Study, the Leader, knowing that they had just decided to join the Day Camp Teams, asked each of them a few questions I’m sharing the email she sent me because the answers are so powerful, coming from 14& 15 year olds who have chosen to give up 6 weeks of their summer as volunteers in mission: –
I was recounting this to the kids and J told me that I should let you know. During our last Friday’s Bible study on the passage where Jesus sent out 72 disciples 2 by 2, I asked the kids the question
” What ‘s your reason for volunteering to do day camps this summer “?
1, B- Because Papa Jesus whispered to me to take care of His kids.
2. M- ever since my sisters came back from day camps last summer, I’ve decided to do this because I saw the change in them. 
3. K- because there is a need and I don’t want camp to be cancelled. 
4.M- what happens to the kids if they don’t hear about Jesus?
In the application portion, I asked them which of Jesus’ 4 instructions would be hardest for them (depend on God and don’t bring lots of stuff, eat whatever is set before you, stay in one house (even if there’s no WIFI or air con), expect rejection.
1.B & K: -eat whatever is given
2. M-don’t bring lots of stuff
3. M- expect rejection
The parents too were “encouraged” as they were already feeling sad at the prospect their children might be gone for the entire summer. They realised that they are not doing summer day camps; they are going to the mission field as God’s harvesters. Have a blessed day! L”
Isn’t that beautiful? Despite all the hardships, that sort of message is why I am so passionate about
this ministry. So many lives changed, so much that is good, so clearly seeing God moving in the hearts of the Team Members, the campers they will lead, their families, the billets … ripples of God’s love and blessings to be shared, pretty powerful stuff 😊.
So this has turned into a super-long post. Only time left for a recipe. With farm share boxes starting up it is time for creativity with early summer veggies. Last evening I made a great recipe that could also be done in a grill pan on a BBQ.
Grilled Kohlrabi with Haloumi
  • 8 oz. Haloumi, sliced ¼” thick
  • 2 bulbs kohlrabi
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 Tbsps. lemon Juice
  • ½ cup fresh parsley
  • 1 large clove garlic, chopped
  • salt and pepper totaste
Peel the kohlrabi, cut in half lengthwise and slice ½ thick.  Place slices in a single layer on a grill pan or on a parchment–lined baking sheet. Broil of grill on both sides until just beginning to brown. Transfer to a platter and spread generously with the parsley oil. Grill/broil the Haloumi slices the same way, add to the platter and brush with the parsley oil. Serve immediately with a fresh baguette. Serves 2

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