Wednesday Words- on a Thursday

Good morning everyone!
It had been my intention to publish this little guest post yesterday however the day was devoted to doing inventory and packing 7 sets of Day Camp Team Supplies and thus it was impossible to  publish this as well.
Our April (ahem) Guest is (was?) Randy Howarth. Randy has been involved with Day Camps almost from the beginning, as you will read in his post. Currently he is a member of the Day Camp Planning Committee  and has been a Team Member, Leader and Training Leader at various times. He is now Dad to two young Day Campers! Enjoy  this  reminiscence from the early days of Day Camps.
Welcome Randy…


Those who know me would say that my memory is… ummm… well… lacking.  Yes, let’s go with “lacking’.  I don’t have many memories of my early years, but out of the few, one of the ones that sticks out prominently is the 1980 Day Camp at St. Barnabas. It was my first Day Camp, but it was not the only first that year.  At the front of the camp there was a house and in the house, there was a sock.  Now, this was not just any sock, it was a special sock, even more special than the lost sock that your dryer spat out months after you thought it was gone for good.  In actuality, this sock probably was the partner of a lost sock, but today it was even more than that.  Yes, today, this unpaired sock transformed into our legendary ‘Lamb’ of no name or gender, just ‘Lamb’.On this day, Lamb was
a simple sock come to life and on this day, Lamb helped tell the story of Jesus’ birth; even following the Wise Men to deliver the gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.  I don’t remember the sound of Lamb’s voice or exactly how Lamb looked, but I remember being instantly connected; a powerful bond that lasts to this day. 
Lamb has gone through a fair bit of evolution and countless voices over the years, even moving out of Lamb’s home… but I believe the connection remains.  Lamb is an integral part of the Day Camps experience and I look forward to seeing what the future brings for Lamb, as I continue to cherish my past with the legendary one.

The Howarths
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