Wednesday Words- Sarah Grace

It’s time for another edition of Wednesday Words! Today I’m pleased to introduce Sarah Grace, an invaluable member of our planning committee, who has lots to share about her  Day Camp journey.
Welcome Sarah!
Hello! I am happy to have been given this opportunity to share with you about what a big part of my life Crosstalk Ministries Day Camps has been over the past twenty or so years, and how grateful I am that I stepped forward in 1998 to volunteer on traveling team. It has turned out to have been one of the best decisions I ever made. In 1998, I heard about Crosstalk Ministries needing volunteers for Day Camps from my Aunty Michelle, when I was 16 years old. I recall being amazed when she told me there was a volunteer opportunity that involved traveling to different churches across Canada, working with kids doing crafts, dancing, singing, teaching bible stories, producing plays, playing games… and it was free to be on a traveling team! I couldn’t wait to sign up. The next step was meeting with Valerie. I was a little nervous about what lay ahead of me after I applied to be on traveling team, so I had prepared a very looong list of questions to ask Valerie! Where would I live, what would I eat, where would I go, what if there was an emergency, how would I travel, who would I be with…?? So many question! It takes courage to take the leap of faith into a summer on a Day Camp traveling team, but once you do, God takes your hand and leads you on such a fantastic journey… You never look back! Again, participating in the Day Camp program was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had no idea what an impact it would make on my life in the grand scheme of things. It changed me in big and small ways, at times quickly and at other times more gradually. I was a very shy and quiet 16 year old, but being on that Day Camp traveling team nearly 20 years ago brought me out of my shell and left me a more confident person, suddenly able to live in (very welcoming) strangers’ houses, and able to lead groups of children in song, prayer, and bible studies! Little did I know that the following year I’d even be leading an entire traveling team! I learned that God doesn’t call us to do anything we can’t handle, so long as we rely on Him for our strength and
guidance. We may struggle with team work, time management, organization, leadership, patience, tolerance, trust, socialising, etc. But being a traveling team member builds great character in a joyful way, and creates lifelong memories with newfound friends. Although I can no longer be on traveling team, I am blessed to stay connected to the ministry via the committee, fundraising events, and team gatherings. Every year there is a need for volunteers, and every year I hope, pray, and trust that God will lead the perfect group of youth to this ministry. Day Camps pushes you out of your comfort zone, right into the space God has designed for you. I pray that many will hear His call this summer, and be blessed in countless ways yet to be discovered.
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