Sunday Reflections- Easter 5

        Bright and cold! But I bundled up well and found the bike ride to church quite exhilarating. Some of the children’s ministry “regulars” were not going to be there today but I was very pleasantly surprised to see Ralph and Gaelle (brother and sister, ages 15 & 12). Things worked out very well as there were also 2 little 3 year olds so we all joined together for snack and a storytelling then separated into different rooms so  our older group was able to have a good discussion. I had prepared a collage craft fitting with today’s passage: – Acts 10:1-23 “Peter’s Vision” and was surprised when my group wanted to do the activity. It made be realise just how little art is taught in public schools and how children with any sort of interest in the arts lack encouragement as everyone is pushed into the Sciences stream.
   As is often the case, we were able to discuss more freely the meaning behind Peter’s vision while our hands were busy cutting and gluing. This passage is hard to get one’s head around but the commentaries seem to indicate that it is almost like a parable, pointing to much more than a lessening of food restrictions and more towards Jesus’ call to welcome Jew and Gentile into His family of Faith. I like this idea when it is linked to food (ahem!) because it provides a visual image of people from all cultures coming together at a new sort of “table” where Kosher, or Ha’Lal or customs from other cultures and faiths no longer matter and we are all one in Christ.
 After we had joined in a prayer time it was good to hang out with these young people and learn about their daily lives. Their family is from Haiti and their dad has returned there to work while they live here with their Mum. They are both such nice young teens, I do wish they came with greater regularity. I’m going to encourage them to consider helping at our St. Stephen’s/ Emmaus Day Camp, they would benefit greatly from interacting with the Travelling Team Members and Ralph especially is very good at connecting with the tiny children and helping them with crafts and snack.
Hopefully they will be at church again closer to the Summer and there will be another opportunity to invite them.

 Now there is just one hour at home and then I will head out with Wil for his afternoon walk before continuing on to Isaiah 40 for the AGM. There are some signs to make and refreshments to pack up so I’d better get moving!
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