Sunday Reflections-Easter All Ages

This morning was our Easter All Ages Gathering- “Stations of the Resurrection”, through the eyes of St. Paul.

I think the Lord had a special message for me and, as usual, He needed to almost  hit me over the head with a 2×4, before I actually “got” one of His important messages. The message being best illustrated by a text; Psalm 5 v.3: –
       “Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend”
Long ago I lettered it over my bed but, despite daily repetition, it does not always sink in. As an inveterate “planner” I try to lay out the pieces but usually pick them up again and make my own list! This weekend being no exception, as I attempted to give the Lord the plans for the Team Gathering and All Ages but with the other half of my brain tried to organise all the details according to my own ideas and not His!! ARGH!!  “Will she ever learn?”… I can hear Him asking.
  All my worrying about both a disastrous Team Gathering (no people, no food etc.) translated into 17 happy people and plenty of food and my despair over a catastrophic All Ages turned into a thoughtful exploration of Paul’s writings with Steve cajoling participants to travel from room to room, Fred ably playing his guitar while sitting and standing in unlikely places and leading our singing with enthusiasm, Liz producing song sheets for us to share and insightful prayers, linked so well with each Scripture and with a cast of actors from a 7 year old angel to Jesus in a bathrobe, all of whom entered with zeal into each scene, as narrated by Paul (as Paul!).

So now I can take a deep breath and dive into the coming week. Will I “let go and let God?” probably not as much as I should! But with the next few months fraught with anxiety over the myriad problems of Day Camps my “take-away” from this weekend is yet another clear reminder that God is in control and although His plans may not look at all like mine, they are ALWAYS better 😊.
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