Sunday Reflections-Easter Day

Alleluia Christ is Risen!
  The morning began (as Sunday usually does) with a wake up call from Cousin Ron. Strangely the UK decided to switch their clocks to Daylight Saving Time this weekend, which must have caused a lot of confusion at morning Services!
 The congregation of St. Stephen’s was invited to worship with the fledgling Church Plant at St. James Montreal. I had offered to help with Children’s Ministry but no one got back to me, which turned out to be just as well as this nasty virus still seems to have a hold and  I got little sleep last night so regretfully  chose to stay at home again this morning.
 It was a blessing to discover that the Oratorio “Elijah” was to be presented on the CBC in the late morning, and earlier, as I came in the door with Wil after his walk, a rousing Hallelujah Chorus was being broadcast, so although lacking in the Eucharist, at least I have not lacked some lovely worship music this Easter Day. While listening to the oratorio, I busied myself icing the cookies and Hot Cross Buns baked yesterday and packing up the crates to deliver over the next couple of days.
  I usually visit the Hendersons on Easter Sunday afternoon with their gift and so shall make their home my destination for our afternoon walk. It is a lovely sunny day, quite cool but no one minds as sunshine is the main thing for a day of celebration. And the robins have really returned, we saw three on our early walk and also heard another flock of geese passing over.
 Last Easter I discovered that St. King’s College Cambridge presents a Service of Lessons and Carols on Easter Sunday so I’m hoping to find that this evening, somewhere on the Internet.  It is fortunate that I am a lover of solitude as the past week could have been a lonely one for a more extrovert type, but the only thing to do is rest up as the holiday nears its end, because the month of April is always crazy busy with the excitement of the coming Day Camp season building on a daily basis.
So I’m relishing this oasis of peace, drawing close to the Lord in the quiet and mentally gearing up for the wild ride ahead!

The Lord is Risen, indeed, Alleluia!
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