Sunday Reflections-Epiphany 5

       Today we celebrated the Feast of the Transfiguration. Quite the story to explain to our youngest members, but Tanya and Joan did a good job of it with the help of my trusty felt board and, after sending the toddlers off to their room, our group used the story as a springboard to a discussion about preparing for Lent. I love these talks, since looking at faith issues through the eyes of children never ceases to freshen my viewpoint and challenge my more studied approach to the topics we explore. Today was no exception and the children really enjoyed assembling their own three-point
“check-lists” for Lent: –
              Get Close to God, Get Into the Bible and Get to Church!
     We finished just in time to join the rest of the congregation for the Eucharist. It is always deeply moving to administer the chalice. Perhaps it is because everyone receives standing instead of kneeling and so I get to look directly into each person’s eyes while repeating the phrase “the blood of Christ, the cup of Salvation”, there is an almost electric thrill, a soul to soul connection, which is very powerful, very personal. I see it as part of the mystery of the Eucharist and am truly thankful to be part of such beautiful andholy moments.

After the Gathering our Children’s Ministry Core Team held its monthly meeting and then I was most happy to enjoy a ride home with the Bradys. Yesterday was Pippa’s birthday and I had made her an adult version of the “moon pants” I sewed for Seren’s birthday last month, she tried them on as soon as she opened the gift and I think was really pleased 😊.
  It is very overcast and dark already so I’m happy to have completed the second “Wil walk” of the day and to snuggle on the sofa with a furry friend while writing this post and finishing up some odds and ends of office work. Guess it is time to play “Vapor” again and take another look at the choreography!

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