Sunday Reflections-Epiphany 3

       Unlike last Sunday, this afternoon I find myself home from church with no other commitments for the rest of the day. Yahoo!!
      The Chocolate Chilli went over exceedingly well with not a scrap left and I was blessed to receive a ride home with the Tappendens. Children’s Ministry also ran better than expected, as I had been a bit concerned that the Gospel passage (Luke 4:14-21) would be hard to share with the children but things came together quite smoothly.
     First we had a lovely snack, then Danielle, who with her husband Fred was leading the Toddler group, read the passage while the children and I illustrated it on the felt board, then off the Toddlers went to their room while our group had a good conversation together and made “Torahs” with newsprint and chopsticks!
    All the while I was hoping that my chilli would not stick to the bottom of the pot but Pippa had agreed to stir it periodically during the Service so when we hurried downstairs on the final song it was just fine.  All in all a good morning and I returned home feeling both physically and spiritually filled.
  It will soon be time to turn out again with Wil for the afternoon walk and with a busy week stretching ahead it is good to take these few hours to refuel and cosy up with my furries as yet more fresh snow begins to fall.
  When yesterday’s post was published I took a quick look at the “stats” page and was gratified to see more than 100 ‘hits” on the Blog in the past week. Over four years of blogging only 36 comments have been written despite 30,775 visits from readers!! Does this mean that many of these “visits” are not by real people? Good question. So in future I plan to periodically remind readers to please leave a comment, then maybe I will be able to discover if there is anyone out there in cyberspace 😊.

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