Sunday Reflections-Advent 2

This has been quite the day!
   It began extremely early when dear Cousin Ron confused the time again, phoning at 615am. Being half asleep I fumbled for the phone knocking it off the base and by the time I answered the voice mail had kicked in. It was amusing to listen to his jolly message in which he hoped I was “out on one of my adventures” …at 615 am? I think not!
  Dozing off again the office ceil rang and this call was from a friend in Malaysia with an urgent prayer request. By this time it seemed best to simply get out of bed! Due to this early start there was half an hour to spare after my Wil walk so I decided to check the email. Once the computer was booted up it became obvious that despite being plugged into the power bar it had not charged overnight nor was there an indicator light on the charger. Horrors!!  I quickly sent a text to CTM’s Tech advisor, Wentworth, but knowing he was likely on his way to his church and not able to answer. Freaking out over this crisis I suddenly checked the time, realised I was now late, so left the computer woes, leapt onto my bicycle and headed for St. Stephen’s.
  As I have said a number of times on this blog, the main theme is to share vignettes of the Day Camp world and the life of its Director, me. In so doing I make an effort to focus on the good days on the blessings, which come from our Lord and on my own faith journey. Not intentionally glossing over the hard times, just trying to highlight the positive.
  Having said that, it has been a hard week around here. There was a rather unpleasant situation last weekend so as I cycled my head was full of worries about managing in the coming week with no computer and about facing things at church. A cloud of dread hung over me and despite trying to sing Advent Hymns as I rode my heart was heavy.
  Once arrived it was essential to first complete all the before–church tasks ready for Children’s Ministry then to sit down to knit and pray as people assembled for the Sunday Gathering. In prayer
Steven Craig’s name popped into my head as I remembered that he had recently replaced his previous laptop and had kindly offered me his battery, which was newer than mine. Might he still have his old charger and power cord? Another quick text to someone else I knew would already be in church. But having sent that one I felt ready to set the matter aside and focus on the opening music.
 To my surprise a brother and sister arrived who we had not seen at St. Stephen’s for a full year. They are now 12 and 15 years old, would they want to stay in the Service or come upstairs with the little ones? I first checked with the morning’s Speaker and he felt his talk might be a bit above them, especially since their mother tongue is Creole, they go to school in French and thus English is their third language.
  So I gave them a choice and they opted to come upstairs, after Gaëlle had first assisted with the lighting of the Second Advent Candle.
  After sharing snack with two Toddlers and their group leaders the three of us joined in a Bible Study on today’s Gospel passageLuke 3:1-6 Despite not having seen them for a year we had such a good discussion! I had thought time might drag but soon Fred put his head round the door to tell us it was the “Passing of the Peace” and so we hurried downstairs for the Eucharist. As I administered the Chalice that Peace really permeated my soul. Looking into each person’s face as I offered the cup with the words “the blood of Christ, the cup of salvation” I could feel myself relaxing and the fears of the morning dissipating. After church I had several good conversations, which helped in overcoming some of the backlash from last week’s problems. Checking my phone while putting on my coat there were messages from both Wentworth and Steven. Wentworth to say he would call me later in the day about
the computer issue and Steven offering to bring his adapter to the house by mid-afternoon.
  As of 330pm he and I were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and eating fresh Stöllen with the laptop successfully recharging. While waving good-bye to Steven (with profuse thanks and a big hug) the phone rang with an anxious Wentworth asking if he needed to come and look at the problem. As I hung up, after assuring him the problem had been overcome I burst into tears of gratitude. I am SO blessed to live within such a caring community of believers. People whose faith is lived out in their actions and who daily offer me so much help and support.  So often I find myself thinking gloomy thoughts about my lack of family and about being alone. Today the Lord convicted me of the reality that I am surrounded by a great “cloud of witnesses” both heavenly and earthly.
  I light the second candle on my Advent Wreath, as evening draws in, with a sense of peace and gratitude for the life I have been given.

  Today has been good, very good. A concluding Prayer from today’s Divine Hours:-


 “O God, you have brought me near to an innumerable company of angels, and to the spirits of just men made perfect:Grant me during my earthly pilgrimage to abide in their fellowship, and in your heavenly country to become partakers of their joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen.”

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  1. It warmed the cockles of my heart that Steven was able to come and help! I am just doing some baking in preparation for a Christmas parcel to him, since he won't get here until Jan 7. I think it is the first time he has not been home for at least some part of Christmas!

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