Sunday Reflections-Lent 4

          How depressing to wake this morning to another 10cms of wet, heavy snow. Ugh! I dragged myself out of bed early and shovelled my own and the neighbours’ pathsbefore breakfast.
          It was just as well I was up in good time since dear old cousin Ron called before 8am. Last week he had been thrown off by the North American clock change, despite my having mentioned it the week previous. However he had since spoken with a niece in Thunder Bay, who sorted him out so this morning we enjoyed a little chat. I told him my scary squirrel adventure, which story he seemed to find entertaining.
         Then it was out for a slippery Wil Walk and the bus to church. Pastor Nick’s wife Sue and son Matthew were on the same bus with me so it was nice to talk with them on the trip and plan a possible Pysanky crafting session together for this evening (not confirmed yet!)Fred was preaching today on the Spiritual discipline of Worship. He had sent 2 Scriptures he would be using in his talk, the Romans one seemed the most promising.
        After joint snack we talked about the meaning of worship and how we can worship God through our service to others and also how we need to make good choices to please God in our daily lives and so to honour His name in all we do. Malachi was home sick today but neither Seren nor George is remotely shy about expressing opinions so we had a lively discussion, followed by an activity where we created storybooks illustrating verse 9 of the text.
        I guess Fred’s talk sparked a lot of interest because we had a very long group time! In the end the Toddlers came bouncing back into our room after cleaning up in theirs’ and entertained themselves by having a second snack of the leftovers!  I even managed to teach my group the dance moves from last week’s song “We Fall Down” so we were not idle.
       After lunch Pippa gave me a lift home and I spent 90mins. tackling the snow, before taking Wil for his second walk. This gave me plenty of time to mull over today’s theme. Fred had mentioned he would be inverting one of our Sunday worship sentences instead of “Gathered for Worship, Scattered for Mission”, he would be looking at “Gathered for Mission, Scat. tered for Worship”.     
      These thoughts led me to remember a lovely old Hymn with the lines: – “the trivial round, the common task, should furnish all we ought to ask” and that sort of sums up my reflections on daily worship. If we are to “pray without ceasing” and if every task we undertake should be “as unto the Lord” then-YES! – we can also find ourselves able to worship 24/7.
      A lofty goal, but doable and after all Lent should certainly be a time when we strive to “aim higher”!
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