Sunday Reflections-Epiphany 4

Once again, it is extremely cold today so I was VERY grateful for a ride home from church! Of course Wil soon needs to take a long walk, and he has been giving me his “puppy eyes” look ever since I came in the door!
     We had a good morning at church, although there were only 2 children in my group, there were several toddlers and they happily headed into their new room after our shared snack time.  My group and I discussed Mark 1: 21-28, carefully glossing over the exorcising of demons in favour of a wider conversation about healing. After our discussion we made “Thank You” cards for all the doctors and nurses in our congregation and George and Seren handed them out after the Service. 
Today was Holy Communion, so we all came downstairs and rejoined the adults. It is so lovely to offer the chalice to people and to see the children coming forward to be blessed. The room was filled with sunlight and the Gathering, although very informal, managed also to be a truly sacred space. During lunch I went back up and put a second coat of paint on the glass door panel surrounds of the two children’s rooms and then cleared up and hurried down to speak with several people about plans for next Sunday’s All Ages Gathering. It is coming together quite well, although I did forget to ask if some people could help make tiny cupcakes, so I guess I know who will need to do the baking!!
     Sadly, tonight’s SYC Bible Study has had to be postponed, as not enough people were available to come; so after walking Will it seems it will be a good opportunity to put in some more sewing on the bridal veil In general, so far at least, it has been a peaceful Sabbath, cold outside and warm within, both in terms of temperature, and in terms of community, worship and fellowship.
Truly a Blessing!
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