Sunday Reflections-Christ the King

Here we are at the close of the Liturgical Year, on the threshold of Advent. Woot woot!
        With evening drawing in this is pretty well the first chance in the whole day to sit down and type, but not the first chance to reflect, since I like to do that while taking my Sunday Afternoon Wil Walk, which took place in the drizzly fog a couple of hours ago.
        This morning I had begged an early ride to church with Nick as I had bags and baskets with everything from Malachi’s Birthday gift to a wire wreath frame, pinecones, purple ribbon and moss!
        It was a pleasant surprise when a family with 3 children came to St. Stephen’s this morning and joined our group so we had a happy time, with 6 young ones working together, sharing in our discussion about Jesus being a special kind of King, while munching on apples and oatmeal raisin cookies, making sequin covered crowns and finally working together to assemble the special Wreath, which will be used throughout Advent in our Sunday Gatherings.
        It was really lovely to watch them earnestly discussing the best placement for the moss, cones, ribbon and candles, heads bent over their work, each one wearing a bright paper crown, a special, holy moment to hold onto in the week to come.
       Malcolm Guite has a Christ the King Sonnet, to round off the year. At the end of this good and busy afternoon, filled with the initial work of Changing the Decorations and with another visit from the bride to be as we look at every detail of her veil, now is the time to pause and to listen to this sonnet, to take a deep breath, ready to plunge with vigour into the week ahead!
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