Wednesday Words- Judson Bridgewater

     Hello everyone, today we bring you our monthly Wednesday Words column!  We are happy to introduce Padre Judson Bridgewater and to have him share his first impressions of Day Camps, as seen through the eyes of a Chaplain at Armed Forces Base Richelieu.
Welcome Judson!! 

The Miracle of Day Camp
Something new occurred this summer in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu…something special… something that has never occurred before… day camp!  Although some people may suggest I am exaggerating; however, I consider having a day camp at the St Jean military a true miracle!    As far as anyone knows, there has never been a Christian Day camp offered at the chapel despite existing for over 73 years.  Indeed, the team from Crosstalk Ministries were trailblazers in a location not familiar with evangelism or the laughter of children.  The sound of children playing, singing, worshiping, and praying was a welcome addition to the often ‘serious’ business of a basic training base.  Basic training (complete with early morning runs, room inspections, military drill, marching, shouting, and obstacle courses) is what St. Jean is known for, not the joy, excitement, and love of God.  Indeed, the children and our team from Crosstalk were signs of grace, like “sacraments that couldn’t sit still.”    Our group was small this first year; however, it was a sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, slowly emerging in a place not overtly associated with the power of the Risen Jesus.  As another padre said, “The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed; even the smallest things, people and numbers are important, and are a big deal.  They are the seeds that God can grow.”
This miracle; however, could not have occurred without Crosstalk Ministries.  The Day camp program is great for bases, such as St. Jean, that may have financial and material resources; however, lack the expertise and gifted people required to run such a ministry, which  reaches out to such a diverse group of children, which find themselves associated with the bases where their parents work.   My hope and prayer is that the families of other chapel communities across Canada will consider partnering with Crosstalk Ministries. Indeed, Borden, Ontario and Bagotville, Quebec have already tasted the miracle of day camp.   And with our sovereign God, other miracles like this may happen again. Thanks again and hope to see you again next year!  Padre Judson+
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