Sunday Reflections-Easter 5

   An unusual Sabbath, in that for a number of reasons, I decided not to make my regular trek to church.
     Foremost was the fact that yesterday proved to be a successful but very long day from the 530am start to the 10pm end. Secondly, the families with young children were going to be away for the long weekend.Thus I chose to have a “Quiet Day” of sorts and to begin some of the “Changing of the Decorations”, since tomorrow Jessica and I are rendezvous-ing at 930am to begin the Team Supply inventory.
      It was another cool and sunny day so Wil and I had a long morning prayer- walk, with the prerequisite stop-off to feed the cats. (Yes my friends are home from Norway but went to their country home for the weekend.)
       During my intercessions the usual fears began to rise to the surface as I prayed through all the Day Camps concerns:-lack of Team Members, gaps in the Church Schedule etc. Sometimes it all seems so overwhelming. But I know it is the evil one trying to mess up my head. The best remedy is usually Song and it is no coincidence that the words of the Liturgical Dance (chosen months before) so often include a message which perfectly serves to offset the feeling of impending doom and to reinforce the truths that will put my thinking back on solid ground.
      The 2014 Dance is just such a piece and singing it throughout the Day, as I began the major overhauling of the house has served to hearten me for the week ahead…
“If I hold on tight is it true, will You take care of all that I do? Oh Lord, I’m getting ready to believe.”

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