Sunday Reflections- Easter Day

A glorious bright morning! It was cool when I walked Wil but I decided that, with a heavy sweater and mittens, biking to church would be possible, and it was!
Such a relief, after 6 months, to leave and arrive in good time and not to have to deal with buses or very long cold walks!There was a good congregation, as Nick said- a number of regulars were not present but others brought visiting friends and family. Our newest member, Jude, who is about 2 weeks old, was present and I was sorry not to have taken the booties and hat, which I’ve made for him. However I would like to give his Mum one of my Pysanky and she said she would drop by in their car and have a quick visit, soon, which will be lovely. Sarah is my evening knitting buddy and I’ve been hoping our visits would not end with the new little one.
      We sang some Hymns although not of Anglican tradition, I think they were, perhaps, Methodist. Some visitors behind me sang in lovely harmony, which made the unfamiliar tunes more enjoyable.Nick preached on how Jesus’ followers, that first Easter, despite His having spoken with them of His death and Resurrection were all so totally astonished.
    We are so often blasé about the story, we already “know” what is going to happen and it is easy to not be astonished or surprised. We need to work on digging deeper and, in realizing what an amazing event has just occurred. Only by immersing ourselves in the wonder of the story and its implications for all those who believe, can we truly experience the joy of Easter morning.
     It was a real privilege to administer the chalice today. I always see it as a huge privilege but today, giving the cup to each communicant, some familiar faces, others strangers, was especially moving.

And now, in the peace of this sunshiny afternoon, I’m off to deliver some baskets of Pysanky and Macarons (fervently hoping that neither get smashed as Wil is SUCH an exuberant walker!!!)

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