Sunday Reflections-Epiphany 4

Waking up this morning to another big dump of snow I was really of two minds as to whether to try and make it to church or to concentrate on shovelling. Then I remembered my “Beatitudes “ Game board I had worked on for the past 2 days and decided I had better make use of it!
       I had chosen to use The Message version because it puts each of the 9 “Blessings” in a fresh light, although I was a bit nervous that the wording might be heavy going for the little ones so as well as printing out the text I drew stick figures with a simple illustration of the core words. The idea was to match up the two phrases of each couplet by placing coloured buttons on the latter half, pairing it with the first half.
 I needn’t have worried about little guys since the only young person was Ralph, who is, I think, 11. Since it was Holy Communion we just went out during Sermon time and ended up playing our game on the kitchen floor. Ralph really seemed to enjoy it and played 4 rounds before we headed back into the Worship area for the Eucharist. I was asked to administer the chalice so I was doubly glad to have chosen the better focus for my day and hurried home on foot, through the snowy streets, singing “In Christ Alone” (our last Hymn) and trying to remember all 9 Beatitudes!!   Each one certainly offers encouragement during life’s struggles and the constant reminder of God’s immediacy and His desire to be with us through all sorts of trials, are hugely comforting messages to carry away from Church for the week ahead.
   So now, after more shovelling and another “Wil walk” it is time to prepare for an early supper before the arrival of the Senior Youth Camp Bible Study crew. Tonight I’m brewing up a big pot of Tibetan Chai to warm them!
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