Sunday Reflections-All Saints Day

     I have never been keen on Hallowe’en. As a child, I think I was just plain scared of creepy decorations and people in costumes. Being the only child of British parents who had no clue how to “celebrate” such strange North American customs, we largely ignored the whole
    Not so All Saints Day! From the age of about 8 onwards I was allowed to miss school that morning to attend the Children’s Service in the chapel at St. Matthew’s and then to proudly arrive at school for the afternoon bearing the special letter of dispensation, signed (with a flourish of his fountain pen!) by our Rector!
    Having thus always had soft spot for All Saints, I took up the cause of celebrating this feast and, as Chair of Kidstuff (the Diocesan Committee on Children’s Ministry), was able to muster my forces and plan the annual Saints Alive! Event, which took place on All Saints Eve aka Hallowe’en and offered, parents an alternative to the creepier ghoulish activities undertaken by most of the populace.
     Each year we would choose a Saint around whose story the evening was planned. Children could come in costume as long as it was nothing scary. We shared a hot supper, played games, sang, prayed, made a variety of crafts and everyone received a take-home bag at the end which did include (among other items such as puzzles and stories) some candy and other
homemade treats.
Alas there are no more Saints Alive! parties to plan but at least I can always enjoy a rousing rendition of“For All the Saints” as I rake my leaves.
     About 10 days ago Pastor Nick sent us an email link to this great videoit puts a 21st Century spin on Hallowe’en/All Saints and is very well worth watching and passing on to friends.
    Enjoy a Blessed Feast of All Saints, this coming Friday!
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