Sunday Reflection-Thanksgiving

      Another gloriously warm and sunny day! As I biked to church I lustily sang all my favourite Harvest Hymns and did hope that, perhaps we might sing one of them this morning.  Blair had chosen some very nice praise songs on the theme of Thanksgiving but, unfortunately, nothing more traditional. However the Service did focus around the need to give thanks. Nick preached on Luke 17:11-17the story of the healing of the 10 lepers. During the after sermon discussion one member noted that all 10 did, in fact, receive physical healing, and gave thanks, in the Temple, as was the custom, but that only the one who turned back actually received spiritual healing from the Lord.Riding home and reflecting on this point I was reminded of the French name for this holiday: – Action de Grâce. To me, the French appellation seems to take the act of Thanksgiving an extra step. It seems to include more of a challenge . As in today’s story when all 10 lepers, did go and “say thank you” but only one went further and included God’s Grace in the equation. We are all guilty of giving perfunctory “thanks” both to others and to the Lord, without really stopping and bringing Grace into the picture. Any action, whichincludes Grace, can never be half-hearted or worthless.  In present day terms, it is like the current movement to “pay it forward”  for a cup of coffee, going the extra mile, adding an extra something to our Thank yous.

This Thanksgiving I am resolving to try, always, to include a generous
“dollop” of Grace when I give thanks to others, remembering that:-
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