Sunday Reflections

   “Sunday go to Church”  turned out differently than expected, when it was announced that the Senior Youth Camp Band was playing at St. Peter’s Church. It was thus decided that Timothy and I would take the boys there while Victoria stayed home to continue slaving over her research paper.
    When St. Matthew’s closed a few parishioners who lived in that general direction joined St. Peter’s so it was an added bonus for me to see some of them this morning.
There was also a guest Preacher, today, the Rev. Dr. George Sumner, Principal of Wycliffe College, which is the Evangelical Anglican Theological College, associated with the University of Toronto. A lot was going on at St. Peter’s!

   Of course the little boys could not make it through the whole Service so Timothy took them to the nursery for a while but they came back in in time for us to take them up for a blessing during Communion.
   The interior architecture of St. Peter’s is very similar to St. Matthew’s with stone columns and arches, although the pews have been removed in favour chairs and the Service is projected on a large screen. But the ambiance is still similar enough to give me a lump in my throat as I remembered so many Sundays in my home church. I was very glad for the comforting presence of a chunky toddler on my lap with whom I could snuggle! 
   We sang a nice mixture of traditional hymns and modern praise music, the former led by a small choir and organ, the latter led by the SYC band.

     All in all a good morning, followed by a chaotic lunch during which I watched my carefully set luncheon table become strewn with cold noodles as two little boys tried to eat with chopsticks!
    As I waived them all good-bye, I reflected that it is good, very good, for my “perfectness” to get turned upside down every so often, to laugh again and to feel, just a tiny bit, as if I were really “family”.

       I am truly blessed and very thankful to have these good friends in my life, to be Godmother to these little boys and to be part of the wider Christian Community, particularly those connected with Crosstalk Ministries. 

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