A Very Special Story!

        This week I want to tell you about a very special letter I received a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been able to write about it before now as I first wanted to obtain permission from the person involved. I was able to secure that permission last weekend so now I can freely 
( well without using names!!) write my story… 
    A few weeks ago one of my Team Members came over to have a lunch visit with me, a not unusual event.
       When she was leaving she handed me a white envelope and said “this is something special for you””
 “How nice” I thought, she has written me a letter or made me a card. I decided to save the envelope and open it when I was alone, eating my dinner.
      I duly propped it in front of my dinner tray and slit it open while having my coffee.
 Inside was a letter from the mother of my Team Member AND a cheque for 200$.
      As I read the letter, I was moved to tears. The Mum told me that her daughter had recently been the recipient of a Young Achievers Award. She spoke about how volunteering with the Day Camp Teams and being involved with the Ministries of Crosstalk had,undoubtedly contributed to her daughter’s winning of this  award and how this involvement had enriched her life and helped her on her Christian journey.
      This Team Member’s immediate reaction had been to offer a “tithe” to Crosstalk Ministries, as a Thank Offering.
      That gesture alone, indicates to me how worthy this young person is of the honour bestowed upon her.
    Although we are always in need of donations and very happy to receive them, it is the selfless attitude of this Team Member  as well as her generosity that is so outstanding.
     One hears so many people making sweeping statements about the negative qualities of young people “these days”. I am always quick to respond with the stories of our Team Members. It is such a joy and privilege to work with all of these young adults, and this will certainly be one of my favourite stories!!!
My cat-“Mandu”
 To close off I was wondering what to offer for my weekly recipe.
       Every Sunday, instead of a formal dinner, I like to  serve High Tea. In Summer, outside on the deck and in  winter around the fire.
     Tonight we had;-  Angels on horseback,stuffed celery, apple/rosemary tea bread with honey, coconut chocolate chip cookies and fresh, sliced kiwi with brown sugar and sour cream topping. All served with a large pot of Ceylon Tea!
     Angels on Horseback does not require an actual recipe but since I’m trying to type with the laptop balanced on the arm of the sofa and with a cat on my lap and a very large dog squashed up beside me, let’s go with something quick to write!!

  Angels on Horseback

  • 1 Wholegrain organic loaf, eg sourdough,sliced
  • 100 grams organic bacon cut into squares
  • 100 grams  organic cheddar, thinly sliced
 Cut bread slices into squares, approx 5cms. top each square with a piece of cheese and a square of bacon. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Broil for approx. 5mins. until bacon is crisp, cheese is melted and bread is toasted. Eat while piping hot ,with a nice cup of tea!!!
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