Week 4 -“From the Fields”

       Well, today was the last day of Day Camps 2011!!! I cannot believe how quickly the past 6 weeks have flown by, and there are so many stories to tell!!
        Once again ,this Week Lamb and I have consulted about how to lay out the blog post and the whole flock has graciously agreed to allow me to use this space to write out a dry run of the “Director’s Report” which I will be giving tomorrow evening at our annual Prayer and Praise Service. So here goes……….
       Every year, I stand up at the Prayer and Praise and tell everyone what a difficult and challenging year it was but how, at the last moment, God’s beautiful plan all came together. Enough Team Members stepped forward, the Program was made ready in time, supplies were packed and just the right number of churches ( with minor exceptions!!) hosted the Camps….you think I might have caught on by now that this is the way our God ALWAYS works!!
     Day by day, no matter what we are doing in our lives, God holds the big picture and we are like the person holding just a few tiny pieces of the thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, trying blindly to fit them in instead of handing them to the Creator and watching the picture come to completion before our eyes….
        So here I stand again, marvelling at the work which the Lord has accomplished. I am so proud of each and every one of our 16 Team Members  who have given so selflessly of themselves to serve God by leading Day Camps in 6 provinces of our great country.
     Math is not my strong point but a very rough calculation leads me to believe that over 800 children have had the opportunity to hear the good news of God’s love for them by participating in Day Camps which were held in 30 different locations from  Westville Nova Scotia to Slave Lake Alberta.
    Literally over one thousand people have been connected in some way with Crosstalk Day Camps this summer. The children of course, but also clergy, coordinators, billets, those involved on local teams, those who transported teams, made lunches, baked cookies…the list goes on and on.
     It blows my mind to think how God can use a handful of dedicated young adults to make such a huge impact for His kingdom. 
    This is not exactly a new idea is it? After all 12 young men once went out in twos and threes and managed to turn their world upsidedown once they had been empowered by the Holy Spirit and were “On Fire!” for God.
     But here is someone else who would like to say a few words….
    ” Welcome Lamb, do you have something to say to everyone ?”
  ” Yes I do,  I think you have neglected to mention the work of myself and my fellow flock members in telling the stories to all those children”
    “Why yes, Lamb you are quite right, what would Day Camps be without you and your whole flock”
     “Thank you, I’m pleased we get a bit of credit for reaching so many children. We are now planning on taking a long Winter vacation in the Baaahamas. We will see you all next Spring when we fly back from those distant pastures to join in training the 2012 Team Members and being part of the Teams as we take the 2012 Program out to churches across Canada!.”
      “Thank you Lamb, I could not have said that better myself. Will it be all right with you if I take over Lamb on Day Camps during the next few months, always remembering to check in with you and the flock from time to time to see if you have any special blog post messages for our readers?”
    “Yes that would be fine.  Everyone should remember to keep reading Lamb on Day Camps. We will make sure you keep it going well and if you don’t we will send in emails to keep you on track.”
” Thank you Lamb, see you in the Spring.”
But before I sign off for this Week I must share the last picture sent in by Team 6.
                                                                                        “I Love Eggs!”
Make sure to watch for the New Slide show which we will be showing at the Prayer and Praise and which I will post just as soon as I can!
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