From the Fields

            Parish Training Week is almost over. Two of the 3 Day Camps are holding their Closing Services today and the other will be on Sunday Morning.

 Lamb has received some updates from the Flock Members who are already out in “the Fields”.
 Lamb reports that all Lambs were well fed this week and that our Team members seem to be shaping up under their Leadership…
“Hey, Lamb, wait a minute, aren’t those 3 Teams under the Leadership of Christopher, Jessica and Chris?”
“Well, I suppose so, but my flockmates have a lot of responsibilities, they are always needing to correct those Team Members and keep them on track”.
“Hmm, I see, but I think we do need to thank the 3 Leaders for all they have done this Week”.
        But first of all we need to thank God.. 
             Last evening I was struggling in prayer, whining and begging the Lord to show me what to do about the lack of a Team Leader for the Montreal Team. On Sunday we will be starting our Residential Team Training Retreat, and we STILL only have 13 Team Members and not enough Leaders for our 6 Teams..
I folded laundry while beseeching the Lord. and then His voice spoke to my heart…
” My time is not your time”.
       I felt as if the Lord was trying, once again, to make me dig deepr into my faith and to truly believe in His perfect  timing and His perfect plan.
    So I stopped folding laundry and asked for forgiveness.
       About half an hour later the phone rang.  I was surprised, when I answered, to hear Samuel’s voice. Samuel was a Team Leader for Day Camps in 2007,8& 9. He does not live in Montreal. I had last called him in the Spring when we were looking for  Training Leaders but he said his Summer plans were already made.
Samuel told me he had been reading this blog and saw we were still really short of Team Members.
” Have you got a prospect for us, Sam?” I asked.
“How about me?” he answered.
       I nearly fainted, tears were rolling down my cheeks as Samuel explained that he had not heard back from any of his job enquiries and that, if he did not hear by last evening, he would be calling me today to offer to join up.
Grace, …God’s Grace, God’s time, not mine, and God’s perfect plan.
I did not dare tell anyone last evening, just in case….
But this morning Samuel called, and he is coming!!!!!!
What a gift. We all prayed for a good Leader, and God has sent one of the Best!!!.
To Him be the glory.
Samuel will arrive Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon we begin our Retreat.
           Watch for new photos and a special guest blog post from Mrs. Philmore!!!
And, of course, Lamb must have the last word today….
” You need to trust in God ,with a childlike faith..”
That is right, Lamb, all of us need to remember that , ALWAYS……..
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