Team Training Day

Well Day Camps 2011 is now officially underway. Yesterday the Day Camp Committee, Lamb and I met nearly all of this year’s Team Members ( a few are arriving a bit later) as we gathered for Team Training Day, a one day “Crash course” on Day Camps!! 
 We sang some lovely Worship songs, listened to an excellent Scripture Reflection ,led by Rev. Marsha, looked at the “Philosophy Behind the Program” with Christopher, and then Alexander gave us a short overview of this year’s Program- “On Fire”.
Lamb, as usual, was sleeping in on Saturday so it took us all a while shouting Lamb’s name before a tousled ovine appeared ( held up by Sarah) from the Supply Room.
” I was not tousled!” 
“Oh yes you were!”
 “I was slightly RUMPLED” due to the fact  that Charlotte had me packed in a Supply tub.
” Alright, alright ,rumpled then, but you were asleep weren’t you.?”
 “Yes I was, as I only have 2 more weeks before ALL the flock heads out on Team so I need to be well rested.”
Lamb is right there. Lamb has graciously allowed 3 senior flock members to go out “in the field” this week and work on the Training Teams leading our 3 Training Parish Day Camps. ( If you have a child who would like to attend, click on our Day Camp Schedule for the location nearest you).
Lamb has assured me that these 3 “advance flock members” will be sending in regular reports so that we can give you some updates on how our 3 Training Camps are going. I shall also be talking with the  Team Leaders-Christopher, Jessica and Chris so we should be able to share some good stories with you soon.
“Lamb, how does the flock report in to you?”
“On my lambtop of course!”
“and what is a LAMBtop?”
“Well it is sort of like a LAPtop, except it is adapted for hoof typing”.
” ah that makes sense,. but will it be alright if you just dictate the flock bulletins to me so I can type them up on the Blog?”‘
“Yes, I think that is a good plan because from July 9th- Aug 7th, I shall we out travelling too, so I suppose you will have to be in charge for 6 weeks”
” How generous of you Lamb, I thought I was already supposed to be the Director”
” Only at the moment. Remember, I have been involved in Day Camps from Day 1, and you have only been Directing for a paltry 17 Summers”. 
As always, I  allowed Lamb the last word there…….
However, I shall be taking over, as Lamb has mentioned, once the whole flock is in the fields, er, “pastures”?
You can also look forward to a guest host visit from Mrs. Philmore, a dear lady. well known to myself, who graciously billets Team Members every Summer and who  is a woman after my own heart, who loves rules of etiquette, revels in artisitc design, and is EXTREMELY fussy about table manners and Thank You notes. I do hope you will look in on our blog and enjoy her guest post.
Please pray for those 4 more elusive Team Members.
 Last Week’s Jericho Walk, definately punched a whole in the “wall” but maybe everyone has not stepped through yet, as we still feel that our Teams are going to be hard pressed to meet the needs of every child if some are only composed of 2 members.
But God is VERY good and we are all confident  that His perfect plan will be revealed this Summer as we begin this new Adventure!
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