Spring Lamb

Lamb  and I have been discussing who should be in charge of the Day Camp section of the Crosstalk Ministries website; I insisted that it should be myself, as Day Camp Director, but Lamb has pointed out that Lamb has been there since the beginning, (in 1979) and that I am a mere upstart, having only been Director for 17 Summers. So there may be some arguing along the way, but, for the moment, Lamb is in charge!
So what do we want to say? Well right now our TOP concern is finding Day Camp Team Members. ……..
Yes, Lamb, I will mention that you are too short to talk with the children at Day Camps unless a Team Member holds you up so it is VERY important that we find Team Members to do that……….
 If you are 15 years or older, an active Christian in your home Church, love chilodren and are looking foir an exciting way to spend 6 weeks this Summer, then Day Camp Team is for you. so click on “Team Application” and check out our whole Website. .
We are waiting to hear from you!
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